Get the technology that you want to use, that gets results for your business.

Apps that are data-driven and optimize business performance.

Data that is accurate and reliable.

Analytics that helps you make better decisions.


I help people to build technology that mixes all things data with easy to use apps that get results.

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Business Applications

Create the apps that you want to use because they are built for your business.

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Database Design

Design databases that perform today and scale for tomorrow.

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Data Integrations

Get various systems to talk to each other using APIs and Data Pipelines.

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Data Quality

Ensure that your data is reliable because it is clear, consistent and accurate.

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Automate workflows, notifications and reporting to save time and reduce errors.

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Reporting, data analysis and machine learning to understand your numbers.


18 Years Experience

In technical disciplines including Geographic Information Systems, Database Design, Web Development, Software Engineering and Data Engineering.

80+ Projects

I've delivered over 80 projects that involved technology development that solved a wide range of problems for my customers.


I've helped customers in multiple industries from the small family business to large enterprises without thousands of team members.