Hi, I'm Joe.

My Story

I do a mix of technical disciplines including Software Engineering, Data Engineering, Data Analysis and Data Science to create effective solutions for customers.

I got my start in tech doing Geographic Information Systems for the civil engineering business. Over a series of many years I got opportunities to do projects using many other technologies including database design, data science, web development, mobile app development and data engineering. Putting these together enables me to build so really useful solutions for my customers.

My primary focus is on business apps that optimize business performance and back-end data systems concerned with delivering accurate data to the right system at the right time in the proper format.

However, I also help people with everything data related from working with spreadsheets for small family businesses to machine learning and everything in between. As a result, I write a lot of code and work with lots of data to create effective solutions that customers want to use because it makes them more productive with more accurate data to help their business run better.


I have 18 years experience with over 80 projects serving customers from the small family business to large enterprises with thousands of team members.

I have created a solution in every area a business operates from Sales to HR to Finance and everything else. I like to say that I got a peek under the hood of how each area operates. This has enabled me to create better solutions for customers.

Areas I have worked in to create solutions for customers include:

  • Geographic Information Systems: High-end mapping to enhance land use and real estate decision making.
  • Data Analysis: Ensuring quality to summarize data and find patterns.
  • Database Design: Powering apps, designed for performance and scalability.
  • Business Application Development: Web-based and Native Mobile apps that enhance business operations that are tailored just for the customer.