Get the technology you want to use.

Optimize business performance by mixing custom apps tailored for your business with high quality data so you can understand the customer, make better decisions and get the results you want.


I help people to build technology that mixes all things data with easy to use apps that get results.

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Software Engineering

Business Apps, Web Development and Automation

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Data Engineering

Systems for data storage, integration and data integrity

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Data Analysis, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning

Analytics Engineering

I specialize in all things related to software engineering and data analytics from working with spreadsheets for small family businesses to machine learning to developing apps that optimize business efficency and everything in between. This mixes multiple related disciplines to create technology for people that gets results. I call this analytics engineering.

Use Cases

A few example use cases of technology I develop in the 4 core areas of sales, marketing, customer service, operations.

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  • CRM App
  • E-Commerce with Recommendation System
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  • Detect churn and make an offer to stay
  • Customer Segmentation
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Customer Service

  • Messaging Applications
  • Automated appointment scheduling app
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  • Integrate E-Commerce with Inventory Management
  • Data warehouse

Meet Joe

Hi, I'm Joe. I have completed over 80 projects over an 18-year career working with information systems and software development. I help people to build technology with a focus in the areas of application development, business automation, data integrations and analytics.

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