I help people to build technology that mixes all things data with easy to use apps that get results.

Business Apps

Create the apps that you want to use because they are built for your business. Easy to use and secure.

CRM apps to understand your customers better.

Messaging apps that help provide better customer service

Asset Management apps to know where your equipment is.

Property Management apps to take better care of your buildings.

Appointment booking apps that send reminder text messages.

Personnel Management apps to understand your team.

Database Design

Design databases that perform today and scale for tomorrow. Become data driven.

Database design to store data as efficiency as possible, removing redundancy and optimizing performance.

Fixing poorly performing databases by using efficient structure and correct field types.

Bridge tables to connect tables together.

Local database for mobile app settings.

ORM data modelling for apps.

Lookup table used as source data in many apps.

Data Integration

Get various systems to talk to each other using APIs and Data Pipelines. Avoid data silos.

APIs to integrate with commercial software

Data Pipeline to extract data from myriad of sources and deliver to destination database.

Web and mobile app back end APIs.

Enrich data from third party sources.

Feature enhancement using online service API.

Keep multiple databases used by different teams in sync.

Data Quality

Ensure that your data is reliable because it is clear, consistent and accurate. See the big picture.

Data cleaning for risk analysis to ensure data was clear, complete and used consistent terminology.

Ensuring data quality by validating user inputs and using dropdown list, preventing users from saying the same thing 7 different ways.

Scripts that processed large volumes of data and ensure proper formatting with error logs for manual review.


Automate workflows, notifications and reporting to save time and reduce errors. Get stuff done.

Email and text message notifications.

Automated report generation delivered to inbox.

Data pipelines that perform both stream (daytime) and batch (overnight) processing.

Error detection notifications.


Reporting, data analysis and machine learning to understand your numbers. Make better decisions.

Interactive dashboards on apps.

Recommender systems and predictive analytics.

Pattern identification with data visualization and aggregation.

Statistical data analysis.

GIS Mapping.